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Easy Content - ensures your web site is easy to use for your customer - and for you to maintain and grow over time...

Easy Content is about getting the results you want from having a web site. And making it easy for you to create and maintain the content on your web site from anywhere on the web.

A web site that grows over time gets better search engine ranking...!

You can train the Search Engine Robots to visit your site often simply by updating your web site content often - Easy Content gives you the power to have as many pages as you need on your web site - there is no extra cost for more pages...!

A great web site can build the values people associate with your brand - a great web site can help you reduce costs in keeping your customers and potential customers up to date with your products and services - or a web site can be used to reach new geographical customers that you wouldn't normally get in front of.


Easy to make changes to your web sites content with Easy Content

Using our web based tools - you can change the content on your web site at any time - night or day from any web connected computer.

This means you can respond to new information almost in real time...

You don't need to install any software on the computer that you use - just use a standard web browser on a pc or Macintosh computer (Firefox required for Mac editing), log in with your administrator username and password and you can edit the content.

The e-c toolset is also constantly growing so you don't need to plan to buy a new version of the software program many people use to update their web site - we look after the new features and functions that you need - when you need them and all as part of the cost.

We are also using the latest Web 2.0 Tools such as Twitter and Blogs to get better targeted taffic for our customers - talk with us about how you could be using these new tools for your business.

 Want to add to your content?

It's easy to add new content to your web site - create new sections for your web site and create new pages in each section by a single click of a button.

Need to create links to your new pages or sections? You control the order of the buttons (page navigation) on every page - you can also add links to other web sites in the same way at any time.

Want to upload a file to your web page?

Some information is best represented as it was created - such as a spreadsheet that you don�t want to re-create in your web site.

You can upload a file to a web page at any time for your visitors to download and the easy content system puts a link to the reader program for your web visitors to download if they don�t have the reader.

Each time someone downloads the file it is recorded in the statistics so that you can see over time the popularity of the various files that you have on your pages.

Need someone else to update the content?

With the easy content system you can create a new section of your web site and assign a new user to administrate the content in that section.

They have a username and password and cannot make changes to your information or files - they see their own information and can login at any time to make changes using the same tools that you do.

Easy Content also provides a mechanism for you to allow your members to log in and maintain their own details - one thing off your todo list to do!

Your members can also promote themselves with a Product and Service listing that they maintain when they login to your web site using the log in component.

Easy steps to having interactive content

With the Easy Content insert component mechanism you can add interactive forums to any page on your web site � even those password pages for your members or staff.

Different forum topics can be listed in the same page - or you could create different pages for different forum topics.

What's behind Easy Content?

The Easy Content system uses a Content Management System or CMS for short. The CMS is the tool that you use to maintain the information on the web site.

The pages and other information are held in a database for you to edit the contents but are then written to the pages when you publish the pages.

It's easy to use the Content Management System and we find that new users take very little time to master it.

The Easy Content System is in use by over 220 web projects through it's nearly 12 year history - we've been using parts of the system since 1997...!

Easy Content and Search Engines

When you create a new page you get the ability to name that page so that folks see that name in the location bar of their web browser so they can see the name of the page in an English way - the "XYZ Product Page" can be called - "xyz_product_page"

The other reason for this is that search engines can see this English name as well and if someone searched for that term your site is going to be ranked higher than a page that doesn't have that term in the name.

Use the Contact Us page for contact details to arrange a face to meeting....

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